Stunnin’ by Curtis Waters, Harm Franklin & Decz

stunnin curtis waters

“Stunnin’” is the most recent single out of the NC artists and producers Curtis Waters, Harm Franklin, and Decz. These 3 are frequent collaborators and have now created a song that will bring them to the next level.

“Stunnin’” is almost destined for fame. Right from the start of the song you want to start grooving. The beat, made by Decz, reminds me a lot of what LLusion has been doing on TikTok, mostly with his “CITY OF ANGELS” remix. “Stunnin’” does have its own style though and is a totally different song, but the bass patterns that make you want to dance, which is what worked so well for “CITY OF ANGELS,” are similar. This groovy style of production is not necessarily new in hip hop but it is starting to make waves. “Stunnin’” isn’t hopping on any wave, rather it is forming the currents for future songs to copy. It is original.

With “Stunnin’,” you can see that Waters, Franklin, and Decz are paying close attention to rising trends. Even with the promo of the song, the artists made a simple TikTok dance that got people into it. Now with the song released I fully expect more to come. 

The hook on “Stunnin’” is infectious. It will have you singing “I’m a pretty boy, I’m stunnin’” in your head throughout the day. 

The verses from Waters and Franklin are monotone rap which has also been trending upwards lately, probably only behind melodic rap. These verses also fit in perfectly with the song. Waters’ verse just is perfect, I don’t know what else to say. From his breathing ad-libs to “stupid” lyrics, it all just works. I also like the spin Franklin puts on his verse, I think it just makes the song that much better. 

I’m so excited to see what this song does because it SHOULD blow up. If the music industry had a stock market, I would invest heavily in “Stunnin’.”


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Stunnin’ by Curtis Waters, Harm Franklin & Decz