Sonny Miles delivers a hit in “Arbor Day”

Folks, Sonny Miles has done it again. He has dropped another song that will just make you feel good with his newest single “Arbor Day.” Miles is a relatively ‘fresh’ artist but he has this uncanny ability to make songs nostalgic. That’s the only way I can explain it, it’s just that good. 

When you look at the vocals and lyrics of the song, you see that it is a gem. That introductory line “another Arbor Day oh woah” will go down in history, I don’t know where but it belongs somewhere. “Arbor Day” is a groovy gospel/jazz/soul song where Miles discusses love. Despite the title, there is not a lot of talk about planting trees, which I think is fine. Miles’ singing ability is apparent in this song, you can’t hear this song and not mention it. From his high pitched background vocals to showing off his high to low pitch range throughout his lead vocals, Miles just impresses. 

“Arbor Day” has one of the strongest starts to a song I’ve heard out of any NC artist in a long time. The quick drum beat and the introduction to Miles’ angelic voice is nothing short of beautiful. The beat used throughout the song is mellow and fun to hear with great bass guitar and a nice simple drum beat.

I love the vibe Miles delivers on every release. He is unmatched in his style which is what makes him so exciting to hear.

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Sonny Miles delivers a hit in “Arbor Day”