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sonny miles arbor day

Sonny Miles delivers a hit in “Arbor Day”

Sonny Miles delivers a hit in “Arbor Day” Folks, Sonny Miles has done it again. He has dropped another song that will just make you feel good with his newest single “Arbor Day.” Miles is a relatively ‘fresh’ artist but he has this uncanny ability

downtown raleigh

NC Highlights: YSB Tril, Jopippins & YSB Eli

NC Highlights: YSB Tril, Jopippins & YSB Eli YSB Tril recently dropped his newest upbeat single “Do the Most.” Tril rides the beat right from the start and hits with bars. “Do the Most” gets you moving with lines like “tik tok on the wristwatch,

stunnin curtis waters

Stunnin’ by Curtis Waters, Harm Franklin & Decz

Stunnin’ by Curtis Waters, Harm Franklin & Decz “Stunnin’” is the most recent single out of the NC artists and producers Curtis Waters, Harm Franklin, and Decz. These 3 are frequent collaborators and have now created a song that will bring them to the next



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