NC Highlights: YSB Tril, Jopippins & YSB Eli

YSB Tril recently dropped his newest upbeat single “Do the Most.” Tril rides the beat right from the start and hits with bars. “Do the Most” gets you moving with lines like “tik tok on the wristwatch, time goes on, we can’t stop” and the simple line “I’m tryna be rich forever like Roddy.” Tril flaunts his money and rapping ability successfully on this 2 minute, 40-second banger. The chorus slows the song down until the beat comes in and Tril starts to rap again which I love. Tril goes extremely hard on this song.

The dynamic duo behind the “In Limbo” remix, Jopippin and Mike Moon have teamed up again for the single “Radnotsad.” The song is labeled as Rap and Hip-Hop, which it is but upon the first click of the song, you are hit with drums and a strong rock guitar. Mike Moon delivers his opening verse in a deep register that makes the song sort of ominous-sounding though his lyrics prepare you for the rest of the song and what both him and Jopippins will do in the future. Consistently they have delivered music that is “outside the box” and Moon lets you know that that will continue. When Pippins hops on the track he delivers a more melodic rap verse with heavy influence on his vocals. Again, Pippins delivers something I cannot compare to anything else, which is hard to do and something I must applaud him for. 

Following up on his hit single “Hood Luv,” YSB Eli has dropped a hard trap song in “Juggle.” On “Juggle” Eli continues on his trap/drill sound that we have heard before. The beat on this song has an ominous loop to it that shines during Eli’s pre-chorus. Eli raps about continuing in his fame and making money while still staying true to his roots. He’s sure to make you hype as this song is one you can play in the car on repeat. Forget being sad about the quarantine, Eli gonna get you lit.

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NC Highlights: YSB Tril, Jopippins & YSB Eli